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Quick art element look-up:

Boho collection: watercolor, dream catchers, crystals, bull skull, macrame, feathers, ombré, deer, antlers, arrows.

Out of Africa collection: exotic animal, tiger, cheetah, lion, gazelle, antelope, kudu, elephant, hippo, giraffe, mongoose, sand fox, flamingo, zebra, bull skull, Africa, safari, sahara desert, terracota, hot-air balloon, picnic, macrame, deer, antlers, pottery, Tockus, gray crown crane, wildlife. 

Baby ellie: elephant, stars, clouds, watercolor, ballon, crown.

Cacti Llama collection: llama, cactus, cacti, balloons, party, fiesta, desert, mountains.


Tropical Flamingo collection: flamingo, tropical watercolors, birds, parrots, tropical plants, banana leaf, tropical leaves, monstera, palm, pineapple, coconut, eucalyptus.


Modern abstract collection: abstract, women, earth tones, rainbow, line art, home decor, portraits, cats.

Mother Earth collection: moon, moon phases, full moon, crescent moon, zodiac signs, seahorse, shells, ocean, tide, crystals, forest, black birds.

Dino collection: Jurassic park, dinosaurs, gingko, fern, leaves, botanical, forest, T-rex, fossils, Stegosaurus

Rainbow & doodles: rainbow, earth tone, cloud, hearts, mountains, arrows, line art, stars, tress, travel, moon, sun.


Whales collection: ocean, beluga, humpback, dolphins, blue whale, bowhead, fin whale, narwhal, northern right whale.

Mermaid collection: mermaid, ocean, whale, seahorse, Jellyfish, starfish, coral, waves, ship, nautical, sail, shells.

Neptune collection: ocean, deep navy blue, sand, starfish, coral, crab, fish, seahorse, nautical, sail, shells.


Indigo: patterns, watercolor, dusty blue, dots, moon, wash.


Shibori collection: Indigo, patterns, Japanese, kimono.


Ocean collection: sea, ocean, dolphins, whales, seals, sea lion, seaweeds, octopus, gold, jellyfish, helm, sea shells, crab, laguna, corals, bubbles, seahorse.

Mother earth: moon, zodiac, moon stages, seahorse, crystals, flowers, trees.


Royal ballerina: ballet, slippers, dance, girls, women, tiaras, crowns, theatre, romantic, flowers, blush, pink, pastels.

Enchanted forest: unicorn, fairytale, mountains, woodland, adventure, fairies, princess, castle, owls, buck, deer, tress, lanterns, birds, forest, trees, watercolor washes, flowers, moon, snow, harp, fox, bear, bunny, raccoon, stars, monogram, crest, line art. 


Fine art: line art, washed background, blue, black, sand, neutrals.


Botanical collection: plants, olives, magnolias, eucalyptus, Myrtle, Italian ruscus, fern, lamb's ears, baby's breath, dusty miller, forest fern, cotton.


Winter collection: mountains, forest, snow, buck, deer, fawn, antlers, bear, fox, squirrel, raccoon, wreaths, bunny, wolf, owl, moon.

White Xmas collection: Santa hat, Christmas, gingerbread man, gingerbread cookies, wings, angels, sculptures, wreath, mistletoe, mittens, clothes, Christmas tree, hammock, Pegasus, boho, snow globe, deer, fawn, ornaments, ugly sweater, stocking, candy cane, bows. 


Autumn collection: wreath, gold, flowers, plants, forest, cabin, fox, deer, buck, bunny, mountains.


Summer collection: wreath, tropical, palm, monstera, roses, birds, parrots, summer vacation, surf, surfing, beach, skateboard, camera, photography, elephant, giraffe, monkey, tiger, sloth, zebra, lion, leopard.


Spring collection: wreaths, bunnies, bunny, easter, eggs, bicycle, corgis, pug, deer, buck, stork, cats, basket.

Any color: Essential solid colors > any color you can dream of.  

Any pattern: plaid, chevron, houndstooth, herringbone, gingham, ticking, dots, polka dots, pindots, pinstripes, stripes, lattice, quatrefoil, art deco, windowpane, harlequin, french piers, beads, rain drop, scattered dots, XOXO, circles, petals, lace, waves, david star, stars, honeycomb, arrows, triangle, half moon, lines, squares, checkered.