design your own bedding in 3 easy steps:
  1. Choose one or two collections (see below).
  2. Order products/sets > click here
  3. We'll create your bedding graphics within 3-5 business days, once approved, we'll start production. 
For design assistance or questions  contact us or call the studio.
Click on images to view larger (desktop recommended). 
Scroll down to view designs to help spark your imagination.   
Design Your Own ~ elements breakdown: 
  • Boho collection: watercolor, dream catchers, crystals, bull skull, macrame, feathers, ombré, deer, antlers, arrows. 
  • Forest friends: deer, fox, birds, bunnies, pastels, watercolors. 
  • Baby ellie: elephant, stars, watercolor, ballon, crown. 
  • Safari friends: lion, hippo, zebra, giraffe, tiger, moon, stars, clouds, crown, leaves, monstera. 
  • Island collection: birds, parrots, tropical, banana leaf, tropical leaves, pineapple, coconut. 
  • Lama collection: lama, cactus, balloons, party, fiesta, desert, mountains. 
  • Flamingo collection: flamingo, tropical, watercolors. 
  • Modern collection: abstract, women, earth tones, rainbow, line art, home decor, portraits, cats. 
  • Rainbow & doodles: rainbow, hearts, mountains, arrows, line art, stars, tress, travel, moon, sun. 
  • Whales collection: ocean, beluga, humpback, dolphins, blue whale, bowhead, fin whale, narwhal, northern right whale. 
  • Indigo: patterns, watercolor, dusty blue, dots, moon, wash. 
  • Shibori collection: Indigo, patterns, Japanese, kimono. 
  • Ocean collection: sea, ocean, dolphins, whales, seals, sea lion, seaweeds, octopus, gold, jellyfish, helm, sea shells, crab, laguna, corals, bubbles, seahorse.
  • Nautical collection: light house, sea, seagulls. 
  • Mother earth: moon, zodiac, moon stages, seahorse, crystals, flowers, trees. 
  • Royal ballerina: ballet, slippers, dance, girls, women, tiaras, crowns, theatre, romantic, flowers, blush, pink, pastels. 
  • Modern ballet: dancers, washed blue, gold. 
  • Enchanted forest: unicorn, fairytale, fairies, princess, castle, owls, buck, deer, tress, lanterns, birds, forest, trees, watercolor washes, flowers, moon, snow, harp, fox, stars, monogram, crest. 
  • Fine art: line art, washed background, blue, black, sand, neutrals.   
  • Greenery: olives, magnolias, eucalyptus, Myrtle, Italian ruscus, fern, lamb's ears, baby's breath, dusty miller, forest fern, cotton. 
  • Winter collection: mountains, forest, snow, buck, deer, antlers, bear, fox, squirrel, raccoon, wreaths, bunny, fawn, wolf, owl, moon. 
  • Autumn collection: wreath, gold, flowers, forest, cabin, fox, deer, buck, bunny, mountains. 
  • Summer collection: wreath, tropical, birds, parrots, summer vacation, elephant, giraffe, monkey, tiger, sloth, zebra, lion, leopard. 
  • Spring collection: wreaths, bunnies, easter, eggs, bicycle, corgis, pug, deer, buck, stork, cats. 
  • Wanderlust collection: vespa, Italy, Paris, eiffel tower, England, big ben, RV, travel, tent, camping, roads.