Re-inventing The Standard Crib Bumper With Our Exclusive Convertible Design

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Crib bumpers are essential to your growing child.

We hear it too many times "do you have something ready made, my child is bumping their head on the crib waking up crying" or "Their feet and hands keep getting caught in the rails".

While we do recommend to start using a bumper only at age one (1) when SIDS is no longer a risk, when you'd like to start using a bumper is completely up to you. You are the parent and we trust you know what is best for your child.

So odds are, even if you decided not to have a bumper at first, you’ll find yourself needing a bumper at one point or another and bumpers can get expensive, our designer Natti thought; “why have a product you can only use for just a few months, maybe ?”

~ That question lead Natti to come up with her original design for our exclusive convertible bumper, a product that is utilitarian, eco-friendly (by long/multiple use) and smart.

So many cribs now are convertible, from first few months to lowering the mattress as babies can sit and stand, to toddler beds, some even go as far as junior beds, to Natti it made perfect sense: “let’s make a bumper that will serve our customers throughout the entire life of the crib to toddler conversions !“

~ It sounds like a simple concept, but it took some serious ingenuity and "out of the box" thinking, something Natti is an expert on.

Our standard (rectangular) crib convertible bumper is made up of 2 long pieces for the front and back and two shorter pieces for the sides. It is made in the standard crib size of 52"x28" or can be customized if you have a different size or a custom made crib.

Here‘s how to use it:

Use 1 ~ bumper:

Use the bumper in all 4 sides or maybe just one side like the headboard, it is up to you. If using before age one (1) you might want to start as a rail guard, then switch to bumper after 12 months. Using as a rail guard in early months, will make bending over the rail a little more cushioned too.

Remember: ties should always be secured with a double knot and placed outside the crib.

Use 2 ~ rail guard:

Remove the bumper and simply wrap the railing. Double knot the ties underneath your railing.

For rectangular cribs, again you can use only the front, front and back or all 4 sides, it's up to you/your crib design.

Use 3 ~ toddler cocoon:

Again, you can use only the head and foot sides or you can use all 3 sides to create a cocoon like cozy soft space for the growing toddler.

For our oval convertible bumpers:

They are made with the same concept. The only difference is that they are made in just one (1) piece. Usage/stages are the same.

To see our convertible bumper video click here

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