Monochrome ~ It's not just Black & White

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Monochromatic, by definition means, "of one color", in interior design terms, when we say "Monochromatic" we are actually speaking all of the tints and shades of a specific hue. There is a lot of room left on your palette to be creative and add contrast and accents.

Make a room more dynamic by adding texture & patterns. The light plays with the textures adding interest in a monochromatic colors scheme. You can add textures with a rug, throw pillows and window treatments. Window treatemnts is also a great opportunity to add depth using patterns, be creative when combining different prints in the space.

Adding more colors: incorporating white into a monochromatic palette, can add more contrast than another shade or tint of the original color. Think about your trim, doors and ceiling colors that already exist in your space, they are often already white. White can be paired with color in the area rug, on the walls, and throughout the different fabrics.

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