Love my designs but wish you could customize the art ?

Want to add a personal message or name ?

#stoplookingstartcreating ~ Your dreams are about to come true.    


How this works:

  1. Choose the graphics/text you would like from this collection. 
  2. A digital mockup file will be created for you to approve. Graphic turn around time is 3-5 business days. You may request 2 minor revisions. Additional revisions will be charged $15 each. 
  3. Once you've approved graphics, production starts.


For inspirations and faster lead time, shop pre-designs here


Need help with patterns/scale/design choices, book a graphic design service via zoom here. This visual aid tool will give you a live preview to pattern and color choices. 


About fitted sheets: 

Fitted sheets made with euro grade band all around the sheet for a perfect snug fit.We recommend buying at least 3 sheets, due to rapid changes and washes.


Size: 52"x28"x7" 

Made to fit mattresses up to 5" thick. 


If you need a custom size for thicker mattress, contact prior to ordering to verify feasibility. 


If you have any questions prior to ordering, feel free to contact at any time.

*This sale is final and cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged for any reason.  



DYO - Custom Standard crib fitted sheet - Royal ballet


This custom purchase is final and cannot be cancelled, returned or exahnged for any reason.