Dreaming of the perfect table cloth ? Have you been looking for a runner ? 

Are you hosting a theme party or just prefer to create something instead of spending countless hours looking, your dream tabletop textiles are about to come true.  


How this works:

  1. Choose a collection/text you would like from our DYO collections page here.
  2. Note your graphic/text choices in the note box.
  3. Graphics created for you to approve. Graphic turn around time is 3-5 business days. You may request 1 minor revision. Additional revisions will be charged $15 each. Once you've approved graphics, we will print your product. 


Need help with patterns/scale/design choices, book a graphic design service via zoom. This visual aid tool will give you a live preview to pattern and color choices. 

For multiple items/sets $25 book here.

For single item $10 book here


About table textiles: 

  • Tablecloth: Choose from 2 sizes. 100% cotton. Finished hem edging
  • Runner: Choose from 2 sizes. Cotton twill. Finished hem edging
  • Dinner napkins: Cotton twill. 22"x 22" Folded hem. Set of 4 (same design). 
  • Cocktail napkins: Cotton twill. 10"x10" Folded hem. Set of 4 (same design). 
  • Placemats: Cotton twill. 18"x14" Enclosed seams. Set of 4 (same design). 
  • Tea Towel: Cotton twill.18"x30". Price per one (1) Folded hem. 


If you have any questions prior to ordering, feel free to contact at any time.

* This sale is final and cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged for any reason.  

DYO - Tabletop Linens

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This custom purchase is final and cannot be cancelled, returned or exahnged for any reason.