Botanical Inspired Interior ~ Green never looked so good !

I've been obsessed with botanical and watercolor prints ever since I came across (what later became) the Organic watercolor collection, walking a trade show back in 2017. So when working towards the launch of DYO a year ago, I made sure to include as many botanical prints as I could and in as a big of a variety as possible. As you can see from the pre-designs, giant prints are my favorite, they stand out and best of all, they have the WOW effect you won't find in any store bought item.

The botanical trend is a simple way to add character and energy to a scheme. It is fresh and inviting, energizing and uplifting. Plants and plant motifs have huge decorative potential in the home and enduring appeal. Botanical prints for bedding, decor and even wallpaper are pretty without being over-feminine and they work just as well in modern, country or classic schemes.

If you've chosen to create a botanical or tropical look in your home, the good news is that it's a scheme, as reported by many design magazines, that is still looking to continue being a big trend for 2020 and 2021.

But if you want to give your design a new twist, the DYO (design your own) collections are an exciting way to reconnect with nature, while satisfying our innate need for green, especially now that most of us will be working/living/vacationing at home for at least the next year.

Botanical prints allow you to use the refreshing and revitalizing shades and materials of the natural world to create a sense of serenity in our homes.

You can find botanical and tropical elements in several of the DYO collections. Here are some of my favorite to spark your imagination. To browse all DYO collections, click here