Design tip: Shimmering style

When it comes to trends, shiny and shimmer has been on the top list of interior designers for a couple years now and it's understandable why ~ It is stunning, it is luxurious, it immediately creates a spectacular unique space, and in both silver & gold can be gender neutral.

Since the trend has started we've seen shiny metal cribs, tons of shimmering wall art, decals and even wallpaper, all of which can be very expensive.

Another, easier & less expensive way to create a shimmering style, is by using fabrics. However, when it comes to textiles, not all fabrics are created the same. Adding shimmer to a fabrics means a special process you won't find in the cheap china made ones, just because a fabric is called "gold" or "rose gold" doesn't necessarily mean it actually shimmers and shines.

There so many ways we stand out from other brands, our shimmering collections is one of them. We work only with the best fabric manufactures, most are US based (some are Euro) companies who run a relatively small print batch. Yes, this means a more costly material, but the end result is definitely worth it. We've seen customers use only one shimmering collection, or combine collections to create their own unique look.

Below are some examples: The Rose gold collection mixed with neutral linen ~ what a gorgeous choice. The Silver collection mixed with Gold ~ wow ! The silver & hot pink or our bunnies pink & gold, We've even seen gold with hot pink accents (trim) or mint accent and even black accent (LOVE), baby blue and navy, (omg) how gorgeous.

Shimmering fabrics combos are something we never get tired of seeing, and with 600+ fabrics and 30+ trim options, the combinations are practically endless.

Here are the links to the collection and a gallery to spark your imagination.

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