The Stokke/Oval bumper reinvented ~ Again

In the past year, materials & shipping prices soar to new levels resulting in price increases for several products, but especially the oval bumper, that nearly doubled. It was clear I had to go back to the drawing board and come up with a whole new design that would be more affordable, as the Stokke & oval bumpers are a favorite item. The end result surprised even me.

Not only did I come up with a whole new design that makes setting up and taking down super easy, I was able to cut the original pre-increase price tag by more than half !

As a designer that prides on constant innovation and originality, it brings me great pleasure to introduce the all new oval bumper. Available for Stokke mini, Stokke Sleepi and Bratt Decor J'adore crib and starting at just $75 ~ Woohoo 🙌🏼

The new design is currently available as pure white, with optional Italian piping trim, for a kiss of color. Prints and DYO fabrics listings coming soon.