My Story 

Hi y'all, My name is Natti Lublini, welcome to my design world. A little about me: I am a visual artist with over 25 years of working experience. I was trained as a Magazine photojournalist and had a successful 18 year career as a senior staffer. 

After decades of working with interior designers, architects and as a DIY columnist for a design magazine, the physical stress caused cervical disc damage and reluctantly, I had to hang my cameras and move to a new career path. 


Lublini Bespoke came into fruition as what felt like a natural continuance to my design column and the unwavering call to work in the creative field. About a year into the creation of Lublini and almost by chance, while flipping through a family-tree book my grandfather had written three decades earlier, I discovered my family's textile heritage started back in 1860 in Europe. Realizing I must have been drawn to textiles by an innate pull.


I find inspirations all around me, predominately in nature. My design style is modern and minimalistic, I love textures and giant prints, even when using traditional patterns, I find them soothing and relaxing to the eye. I often feel in design, as in life, less in more.


Thank you for allowing a part of me into your homes. It is an honor and a privilege and brings me great joy. If you need help with the design process feel free to reach out, I love working with my customers to help them create their dream bedding & home decor.     

"Design is not what I do, it is how I live"  ~


The Brand & Notable Milestones

In 2010 Lublini was born much like many ideas, out of necessity and a need to fill the gap for modern high quality bespoke textile goods & home decor. Based in Austin TX, Lublini is a brand with modern esthetics using the best materials and most innovative technology.    

In 2017 Lublini proudly teamed up with the renowned MDB family a California based and family owned baby furniture manufacturing company, to collaborate and create an exclusive bedding line to perfectly fit their oval bassinet and cribs. 


Over the years, Lublini has become synonymous with excellence and quality and in 2018 Lublini bedding dressed the entire fleet of oval cribs for the world renowned Capella Singapore a 5 star luxury resort in Sentosa Island.

Lublini products ship worldwide and loved by many celebrities. Most notable is Katherine Heigl who purchased the Stokke oval luxe linen set for her son and mentioned it as one of her favorite things in her blog ~“Those Heavenly Days”. 

2020 marks the most exciting year, as technology finally caught up with Natti's original vision, and now there is complete control over the design process by custom printing fabrics and/or products with the new Design Your Own line. 

Proud to be 100% Made in USA

The Design Your Own (DYO) Process

Designs are composed in my studio and the finished products are handmade to order with an artisan quality and the finest materials right here in the US.

You can choose from pre made designs or create your own custom combinations. Once an order is placed graphic file are prepared and sent to print and the creation of your product using water based inks and zero water waste.  

Digital previewing ~ 

If you're not sure how your item or set will turn out, or need help choosing collections, prints or trims, assistance is available in three channels: chat, email or zoom, click here to book a zoom consultation, the chat and email button can be found at the bottom of every page.

I can also help you create an entire room theme, so feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.    

Living Room-Rugs.jpg

The Mission

My mission has a two part purpose: Design & Environmental conservation.


Design ~

My mission is to help you transform your surrounding into a calm, clean, natural one. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and most of our lives at home. Quality bedding and unique designs will bring your home environment to a whole new level, transforming it into a soothing relaxing refuge from the hectic daily life of the 21st century. 

Bespoke designs give you the freedom to control the design process, reverse engineering the shopping experience and instead of spending precious hours searching (and often not finding), you can simply create the design/pattern/color to fit your room & home. The wide range of products available in the catalog makes it easy to create a complete and comprehensive design scheme for home, people & pets.      

The environment ~

Manufacturing products exclusively per order completely avoids oil rigged fright distributions and dead inventory & dead space for warehouse storage. But beyond the luxury of a one-of-a-kind design, the custom process is the most ecologically friendly in the market today.

Custom printing is done with water based inks and eliminates water consumption from thousands of gallons per yard used in the traditional print, to absolute 0 ! 

Water conservation is the world’s biggest and one of the most important problems we absolutely have to solve, yesterday. Because water IS life.